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Types of Projects Finance

New Purchase

Financing a home in UAE is not the easiest process. Financial institutions produce products aimed specific groups of customers. It can be confusing to shop for financing with some many products and variables. Let the knowledgeable advisors at Clarity Mortgage help you find the right product for you. As independent advisors, our only goal is to save you money.
We arrange home financing for UAE Nationals and Expatriates, residents, nonresidents, salaried employees and non-salaried employees.

Refinance/ Equity Release

If you need to borrow against your property, Clarity Mortgage can help you figure out what loan will work best for you. Often, property owners will borrow against a home that has increased in value. Sometimes they like to reinvest in another property or use the money for other reasons. Clarity Mortgageā€™s specialists will assist you in this process.


Looking to refinance your home? If you are looking to transfer your mortgage commitment, our advisors can help you navigate this process. Speak with us and we can explain the changes in mortgage rates, what the mortgage transfer means and how it can impact you, and what you can do to get the best refinancing rate.