Off Plan / Under Construction

Off-plan property is a property that has not yet been structured or built. Often referred to as pre-construction, this is marketed to property investors to make a substantial capital in the real estate market.

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  • Sheikh
    Posted January 13, 2020 10:47 am

    Damac AykCC2 development in business bay, I Bedroom , Built to 30 Floor , Purchase price 971,000 AED, Base Price 934000, paid 6 instalments,20 floor completed, Completion date December 2022. Paid approx AED 430,000.
    Need to finance further instalments,,approx AED 500,000.
    Property is booked on joint name, 45 year old Housewife and 66 year old Husband, Joint Rental income from properties in Qatar, UAE and UK, £54000.00.( QAR 150,000/year, UAE 24000/year, UK £16800/year.
    Need to fund this property construction to completion, Preferable Islamic finance, any collateral security can be provided.

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